Siggiewi: Consistency

Siggiewi Futsal, formerly known as Team Nokia has been competing in local futsal competitions for the past 3 years.

The team was set up by a group of friends who wanted to play football in a structured and competitive league.

This year, with the additions of more players, the objective of the team is to build on last year’s results and obtain more form consistency.


The current squad consists of: 


Attard Jake

Hussain Shan Francois

Zammit Chris



Azzopardi Gian Paolo (player coach)

Borg James

Briffa Andrew (captain)

Briffa Benji

Briffa Mark

Caruana Turner Philip

Cauchi Daniel

Dunbavin Pete

Galea Jean Marc

Gauci Glen

Gingell Littlejohn Steve

Kuilboer Max