Set for promotion in the Playoffs

All lights will be on Gzira, Naxxar, Attard and Msida for tonight’s first playoff matches. Gzira United who placed 8th in the Premier Division, will do everything to keep their place in the Premiership;  the others will struggle for the promotion to the Premiership.

This site contacted Attard’s Player and Coach Kevin Loughborough, Msida’s Club Official, Naxxar’s coach Carlos Scicluna and Gzira’s player Frankie Xerri.

Attard was definitely the third best newcomer in the Gatorade Futsal League, as all players did great and even though they are all amateurs they have a big heart. They are all thrilled for making it to the 3rd place which assured their presence in the playoffs.

Msida initially were targeting to the playoffs even though the first round wasn’t a good one. The January’s new acquisitions were useful and positive results were coming up.

Whatever it happens, for Msida this season was a very positive one as the result of a collective effort from the coaching staff and players, especially the newcomers.

Naxxar’s Coach Carlos Scicluna expressed his satisfaction that he reached his targets for this season, but he’ll remain obtaining more success. Each game is important as a final.

Scicluna told us that during the last two weeks the team is united and all the players are willing to obtain the promotion for Naxxar.

Gzira had a season full of ups and downs, with undeserved defeats sometimes.  Nevertheless, Gzira’s player Frankie Xerri and his team mates are looking positively at the playoffs.