Question and Answer – The Distance In A Free Kick Between The Defensive Players And The Ball.

Q. If a foul occurred from outside the box and instead of the defense wall (barriera) there will be the keeper does the distance will be applicable to the keeper, because the rule of the game states that the.goalkeeper can use all the box?

A.      The Laws of the Game state clearly that the distance of the defensive players, including the goalkeeper, should be 5 meters from the ball. This applies to all kick-ins, corner kicks and free kicks.

So, for example, if a foul occurs outside the penalty area, let’s assume 1 or 2 m outside the penalty area, and the defending team decides not to form a defensive wall, all the players, including the goalkeeper should stay at a distance of 5 meters from the ball.

This applies also during the kick from the second penalty mark, after the 5th accumulated foul. In this case there is no defensive wall, but just the same, the goalkeeper should stay at a distance of 5 meters from the ball, which means, he can come close up to 1 meter from the penalty area arc. As you know the distance of the second penalty mark from the goal line is 10 meters. The arc of the penalty area is 6 meters. That means that the distance of second penalty mark from the penalty area arc is 4 meters (10 – 6 = 4). Therefore the goalkeeper should stay 1 meter away from the penalty area arc (4+1=5), and the distance from the ball will be 5 meters.

Reply by Gjergji Bitri (Futsal Expert & Beach Soccer Coordinator – Referees’ Committee) | E |