Question and Answer – Deliberate Pass To The Keeper Rule

Q. I would like some clarification about when the goalkeeper passes the ball to a teammate. Can that said teammate pass it back to the keeper or no? And if yes, can the keeper pass back to the same player? Because it is seems to me that it is solely at the discretion of the referee whether to punish such occurrence.

A. Hereunder is the explanation to your query as per Futsal Laws of the Game. Once the goalkeeper releases the ball from his possession (either from a goal-clearance or during play) and the ball is played by one of his teammates, the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball again in HIS OWN HALF of the pitch unless it is touched by an opponent. The goalkeeper can though play the ball in opponents half of the pitch, even if the ball is not touched before by an opponent. If the goalkeeper receives the ball from a teammate, he cannot handle the ball (unless it was played to him by head, chest or upper part of the knee (koxxa)), however, the goalkeeper can pass the ball back to the same teammate without it being considered an offence.

Reply by Gjergji Bitri (Futsal Expert & Beach Soccer Coordinator – Referees’ Committee) | E |