Nothing changed at the top

Hibernians vs Pembroke 7-2

Hibernians faced a hard fighting Pembroke who especially in the first half gave a good resistance to the Paolites.

It was a very balanced game when the score read 2-2.

Hibernians proved to be the better side and took control of the game by scoring the five goals that gave them a comfortable advantage.

Hiberninans found the net through a hat-trick of David Bobokhidze and a goal each from Jose Carlos Meizoso Lopes, Xavier Saliba and Jesmond Micallef.

Pembroke scored by Dexter O’Brien and Manea Floren.

Hibernians gained three more points which kept them on top of the table with 49 points.

Luxol  vs Zabbar 10-4

Luxol obtained a comfortable advantage which kept them at the second place with 47 points.

Luxol had a hat-trick from William Barbosa and George Frendo together with a brace from Florin Anton and a goal each for Tarek Ibrahim and Karl Saliba.

Zabbar had a lot of chances but those who went successful came from Joel Grima, Nikolay and Rosen Filipov together with Radoslav Kovachev.