New FMA committee in two important meetings

The new FMA committee led by President Mark Borg had two important meetings earlier this with Parliamentary Sec for Sport, Hon. Chris Agius and Hon. Robert Cutajar, opposition representative on Sports.

During a very cordial meeting held at the Ministry, Mark Borg thanked Hon. Agius for promptly accepting their invitation. Hon. Agius congratulated Borg for being elected as the new FMA President saying that he was always aware of how keen and passionate he is for the sport of futsal.

Both parts spoke about various options of how FMA can collaborate with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Sport, including the possibility of acquiring forms of assistance through ETC and KMS.

Mark Borg spoke about FMA’s intention to promote futsal with youngsters and it was identified that FMA will be collaborating with the Education Division and Sports Promotion Unit in the near future in order to assist in the setting up of inter-school futsal competitions/festivals. The Parliamentary Secretary shared FMA’s vision to introduce a variety of sporting activities in the Education programme and futsal would be one of them.

FMA’s president also spoke about how futsal increased popularity in Malta to become one of the leading indoor sport in terms of number of clubs/participants. For this reason FMA needs to improve its administrative set up. In order to make the sport sustainable, the long term vision of FMA is to have its own premises and venue. The Parliamentary Secretary promised to discuss a current project which has been identified by FMA with his counterparts in order to set the ball rolling in this direction.

In another meeting, with Hon Robert Cutajar, Borg congratulated him for taking the initiative to organise a National Conference for Sports recently and expressed his wish to retain a forum between local sport associations whereby common challenges and opportunities are discussed. Hon Robert Cutajar wished the best of luck to the new FMA team and offered his assistance to the association.