Naxxar Futsal Club: Believe in the Squad

Naxxar Lions have been participating in the Futsal league for the past three seasons. It all began when Keith Borg and Martin Attard, assembled a squad from some former local players. The squad who participated in the Third Division performed well in the past two seasons and last seasonthey failed to get promoted to an upper division by a whisker.
This year with the downfall of Floriana Futsal (ex. Todos Futsal), former coach and goalkeeper Martin Attard decided to merge some of the former Todos Futsal players with the rest of Naxxar Futsal Club.

Hibernians and National team duo, Kurt Bartolo and Daniel Brincat were appointed as team coaches. Keith Borg,who is still recovering from an injury, will continue to help in the future. Some new faces were added to the squad with the clear objective of enhancing and giving more experience to this team.

This website contacted Naxxar goalkeeper, Martin Attard. He told us that for the coming season they didn’t set a proper objective. Despite all this they believe in the potential of this squad. If this team works collectively they can achieve important results.

This is the full squad of Naxxar Futsal Club:


Attard Martin

Martinelli Andrew

Debono Claude

Lanzon Luke

Zahra Alan


Catania Andrew

Attard Roderick

Dimech Terence

Sciberras Bernard

Agius David


Farrugia Kurt

Spiteri Andrea

Baldacchino Lydon

Spiteri Mark

Borg Glenn

Spiteri Andrea

Grech Owen

Sammut Steve

Zammit Jean

Paul Bonello Colin


Fenech Adrian Falzon

Paul Drago Khail


Bartolo Kurt Brincat Daniel

Technical Staff Member

Borg Keith

Kit Manager

Ciappara Adrian

Committe Member Responsible for Futsal

Muscat Clint

Club Secretary

Pecorella Sandro

Club President

Drago Dione