Mqabba Futsal Club: Keeping the Tradition

Formerly known as AC Trampi, Mqabba Futsal Club was set up way back in 2003. The idea was to set up a team that would be competing in the futsal competition, at the time still in its early days. Following a voluntary experience in Naples, back in 2003, Paul Mizzi and Christopher Formosa joined up with Steve Falzon to make this dream a reality.

The name was inspired by the Gozitan phrase “kemm konna naqtgħu trampi” which translates to “we used to do a lot of silly things”. The phrase was immediately a hit but hardly anyone ever thought that it would have ended up as the team’s official name.
The team’s 10 year participation brought a lot of satisfaction with some good results especially in the first year where they gained promotion to an upper division.

Last year following changes to the futsal regulations, AC Trampi positively concluded an agreement with Mqabba FC. The team, drawn in the Third Division, was to wear the red shirts of Mqabba on the court during its matches.

Mqabba finished its first futsal season in 5th place with 21 points. With his 18 goals, Steve Falzon claimed the team’s top-scorer award and the Third Division League’s third.

This year, Mqabba Futsal Club will be managed by Kenneth Fiteni. The team aims to improve on last year’s results through a better, more disciplined futsal game.

The full squad has not yet been finalised as the club is in the process of adding new players to strengthen the team.

Up to date news on Mqabba Futsal Club and the local futsal scene is regularly posted on the club’s official page