Mqabba FC – Giving a tough challenge to every opponent

After holding their Annual General Meeting, First Division club Mqabba FC has chosen the new committee members  for the coming season.

Conrad Dimech will be Mqabba’s president, Wayne Dimech will take the role of the club’s treasurer while Geoffrey Said has been chosen as General Secretary.

Kenneth Fiteni has been confirmed as their coach together with assistant coach Nikola Farrugia.

Mqabba have obtained former Msida duo Thomas Consoli and Daniel Galea together with Alex Falzon (ex-Luqa SA), Owen Fiteni (ex-Sta Lucia), Darren Lynch (ex-Vittoriosa S), Vittorio Ciantar (ex-B’Bugia), Paul Cumbo and Etienne Rodo.

Moreover, Karl Carabott and Denzil Pisani will begin a new experience as futsal players.

When contacted by this website, Mqabba’s president, Conrad Dimech said that the club hasn’t set a fixed objective for the coming season. Their main goal is to give a tough game to their opponents and perform well in every match.

Mqabba’s first match will be against Mdina Knights on the 15th September.