Mario Vella and Nathan Jones joining Luxol Futsal Club

As many of you have probably heard by now, Vella and Jones decided to part ways with Balzan Futsal Club. It was one of the hardest decisions since their involvement in Futsal years ago. It was a decision which was taken purely because they genuinely believe in the next project which we shall be embarking on.

Over the past three seasons, they have seen Balzan Futsal club grow and flourish to new heights every year.  It was an experience and an honour for them being involved in the management and running of the club. Hard work and dedication were the key ingredients to success, and Balzan Futsal Club is testament to that! One FMA league, three FMA K.O. Cups and three Supercup victories are amongst the various successes achieved by this Club! However, despite all the trophies and silverware, their greatest accomplishment at Balzan Futsal Club was that they found a family that constantly supported each other through thick and thin… a family who always had each other’s back!  They experienced tons of lovely memories which they shared with every single person involved with the club.

Vella and Jones would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players, coaches, technical staff and committee members for all their undivided support and undying dedication which they have put into this club, as well as the faith they put into us.

Despite all the above, there comes a time in life when change should be welcomed and embraced. Luxol Futsal Club has long-term objectives including raising the bar of the local game and trying to generate more and more interest and involvement at a grass root level.

Vella and Jones hope that they can continue to help improve the level and quality of futsal in Malta and ensure that the sport keeps on growing.