A Closer Look At … Marco Mizzi (Marsascala) the son of an ex football player

At my work place I came to know that one of my colleagues used to be a striker for St.George’s Football Club.  Apart from that his son Marco Mizzi plays futsal with Marsascala.

Born on 19/10/1984 . ( 29 years old)

Plays for Marsascala Futsal and works as a software developer.

He considers himself as a determined person.

Unfortunately he doesn’t remember his father playing as he retired from football when Marco was still very young. However both parents encouraged him to start playing football from a very young age and in fact he joined Birzebugia’s Youth Nursery at the age of 8.

Marco began playing futsal about 5 years ago when his friend asked him to join the team he was playing for.

The best moment in futsal so far is being promoted to the Second Division with Marsascala last year. Now Marsascala are actually playing in the First Division.

His best goal….. the 3-3 goal against Qrendi last year’s Third Division Champions. They eventually won the game 4-3.

His main objective with Marsascala for this season is to help the team earn a respectable place in the league.

In the future Marco Mizzi will keep on playing futsal as long as he can and hopefully obtaining more success along the way.

The Futsal Malta Association wishes him most of luck and encourages such players to keep on participating and thus promoting the game of futsal.

Marco Mizzi in action against Valletta (Season 2013/14)



Joe Mizzi the father of Marco Mizzi