Maltese Futsal National Team support FMA

Due to the unfortunate and upsetting situation Futsal currently finds itself in, the Futsal National Team players and technical staff pledge their full support to FMA in its appeal to the government for appropriate facilities. The Futsal National Team has marked progress throughout the past years, thanks to the high level of Futsal being played in the national competitions organised by FMA which are also attracting top notch international players. This coming season had to be a milestone for FMA as they have worked hard in setting up a local institution comprised of nurseries with the scope of educating children through the practice of this fast growing worldwide indoor sport.
Now that the National Team has achieved good performances and results, where at a club level Maltese teams have achieved results and managed to gain access to a better pot in UEFA Futsal cup. The current national league is competitive more than ever, featuring well established professional Futsal players from all over the globe, where the match audience has increased drastically over the past 2 years. Now that all this has been achieved through hard work and sacrifices, the league is blocked with this absurd issue of not having a venue.
The National Team urges those responsible to understand the real motives of this issue, and work firmly with FMA into finding a solution for this beloved sport. Club rivalry must be set apart, and everyone should support FMA in their quest of hard work in finding a feasible, practical and adequate solution. Sporting facilities are available in Malta, it’s all about having a structured plan, guaranteeing and assuring the growth of sport without encountering any senseless obstacles.
The Maltese National Team therefore is all square behind FMA in their appeal to the authorities to heed our call for facilities urgently before the national league is called off, before their beloved sport is killed.