Luxol to meet again Balzan in another final

Holders Balzan will face off Luxol again, six months after their previous meeting in the Super Cup Final.

Luxol were absolutely the better team to take the vacant place in the final against Balzan.

Qormi were without Blendi Gockaj, Marwan Telisi, Luke John Stivala, David Alex Smith Cordina and Aaron Agius, while Luxol were without Matteo Desira Buttigieg, George Frendo and Dean Gera.

Luxol’s trio Barbosa-Alves-Anton were contiuosly well engaged and managed to control the game.

After nine minutes play, William Barbosa broke the deadlock from the penalty spot and the same player doubled the score, five minutes later.

Luxol kept on scoring through two braces by Florin Anton and Dale Camilleri.

So it is all to be decided on Thursday 30th April, whether Balzan will keep the cup or else Luxol will take the challenge and take their first title of this season.

Qormi: Marco Coccia, Armando Gjepali, Endrit Kaca, Charlo Magro, Allen Medati, Jesmond Micallef, Christopher Richard, Jonathan Sammut, Jurgen Tabone, Dario Arran Zampa, Gilbert Hill

Coach: Mario Gaffiero

Luxol: Karl Saliba, Celino Alves De Freitas, Dale Camilleri, Wiliam Barbosa, Jason Mifsud, Peter Pullicino, Michael Grima, Adrian Attard, Jonathan Micallef, Florin Anton, Karl Lepre, Tarek Ibrahim

Coach: Florin Anton

Referee 1: Franco Cachia

Referee 2: David Balzan

Referee 3: Stephen Vella

Time-keeper: Stepanie Axiaq