Luqa St.Andrew’s: Teamwork & Experience

Born from a dream and officially set up in 2011, Luqa St. Andrew’s Futsal came a long way since the idea was first conceived by a group of friends with pioneer leaders Andrew Scerri and Karl Micallef. During a Mid-Summer night out having the usual beer the leaders came up with the idea of setting up a futsal team to officially brand the group of friends under the name of Scrimmage FC, allowing its members to practice their favourite sport.
Formed as a Club to compete in the national futsal league under the MFA (Malta Football Association), the team had to quickly evolve since the Club had heard through the grapevine of the intended setup under a new Association. Taking a pro-active approach with the view of anticipating the new rules and regulations that now govern the competitions on a national level under the newly set up FMA (Futsal Malta Association) formed in 2012, the Club took over Luqa St. Andrew’s Futsal in its year of inception as Scrimmage FC in 2011, following the resignation of previous members due to a high level of commitment which a club requires. The futsal Club is a branch of the Luqa St. Andrew’s Football Club of which we bare the logo.

The aim of this year is that we build up teamwork and good experience for upcoming seasons.

Player’s and Staff

Karl Micallef
Clint Mifsud
Mark Salnitro

Andrew Scerri
Isaac Delmar
Justin Muscat
Michael Galea
Keith Mifsud
Andrea Grech
Alan Chetcuti
Stephen Aquilina
Chris Cardona
Preston Ellul
Mark Buhagiar
Shawn Agius
Josef Blundell
Timothy Joe Forace
Adrain Pulis

Head Coach                    Alex Falzon
Assistant Coach           Karl Magro
Team Manger                Kevin Vella
PRO                                   Christian Abela
Club Official                   Karl Micallef