Liam Cachia: Futsal has helped me to improve my skills

Another promising youngster that is hitting the headlines in local futsal is Liam Cachia who plays with Luxol FC. Being 17 years of age Liam is slowly gaining experience in this beautiful game and is determined to achieve high objectives in the future.

Liam began playing futsal recently. At the beginning of the season he was approached by the Luxol coach to form part of the squad and he accepted without any hesitation.

“It was my dream to play futsal as I always considered it a very nice sport. It involves lots of skills, quick thinking and planning.”

Liam says that futsal has helped him a lot in 11-a-side football to develop his skills.

“I have improved in my agility and skills and this resulted in my development as a player.”

His objective is to play well and score goals. He is lucky to be surrounded by some experienced players. 

“This is a great advantage for me. I can only learn from them and improve further in my futsal skills.”

Liam even hails his coach and team mates who are very helpful and supportive.

“They believe in me and tell me that I have good potential football. This support gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

He would like to thank all the Luxol committee for believing in him, his team-mates and most of all his parents for their dedication, patience and support.