Latvia secure their first win

Latvia …….. 3

Andorra ….. 2

In the opening match Latvia obtained their first 3 points, beating Andorra 3-2.

Latvia was the most offensive and Andorra was there to keep back the Latvians as much as possible. After 17 minutes play, Latvia found the net through Oskars Ikstens. Around 6 seconds form the end of the first half, Igor Avanesov doubled the score.

As the second half started, the Latvians continued with the scoring way, Maksims Sens make them 3-0.

Andorra reacted lately and pushed all their players on the attack. In fact Jonathan Perez took the role of the flying keeper, keeping continuosly in touch with Diogenes Lino.

In the last 2 minutes, Andorra reduced the score by Diogenes Lino and Ignacio Llamas from a freeshot.

Latvia: 1 Algars Bondars (GK), 12 Antons Astrahancevs (GK), 4 Maksims Sens, 13 Igor Avanesovs, 14 Germans Matjusenko, 7 Oskars Ikstens, 11 Jurijis Arhipovs-Prokofjevs, 8 Igors Dacko, 3 Andrejs Sustrovs, Arturs Sustrovs, 2 Arturs Jerofejevs, 6 Sergejs Nagibinis, 9 Artjoms Kolesnikovs, 5 Igor Lapkovskis

Head Coach: Arturs Sketovs

Andorra: 1 Aitor Rubio (GK), 2 Jordi Ferreiro, 3 Oscar Neira, 4 Joaquin Salvat, 6 Ignacio Llamas, Jonathan Perez, 8 Marcal Raventos, 9 Jorge Manuel Dias, 10 Carlos Manuel Barbosa, 11 Diogenes Lino, 13 Andre Ferreira (GK), 14 Omar Debboun, 15 Eric Mesquita, 18 Arnau Rodruguez

Coach Xavier De La Rosa