The Futsal Malta Association (FMA) was set up in July 2011 and subsequently submitted an application to the Malta Football Association in November 2011 requesting member association status. MFA accepted Futsal Malta Association’s application a member association and was awarded observer status for season 2011/2012. On the 20th June 2012 at MFA EGM, FMA was approved a full member.

The scope of the Association is summarised as follows:
Improve the quality of the Futsal Competitions
FMA are focusing to strengthen the competition structure and plan ahead for the improvement of facilities. In order to do this FMA is re-structuring its Competition Regulations.
The salient points on the new regulations will include:
o Participation limited to Member Clubs
o Clubs to retain same name and kit colours as Member Club
o Amateur players free to join any club of their choice
o Professional players also eligible to play but only with their member club
o Players register for one season only
o No transfers permitted during the course of the season
o No limit on registration of foreign players but only three to be included on Referee Match Report
o Premier, First, Second and Third divisions to be set up depending on number of participating teams
o Disciplinary and Control Regulations based on MFA Regulations
o FIFA Rules of the Game apply

Promote the sport in Malta through better promotion, branding, and expose to Media
FMA will be seeking the assistance of experienced persons in Marketing to promote the sport. We must believe that Futsal will become the most popular indoor sport locally and marketing will help not only this vision to materialise but also will help our clubs to generate revenue when approaching sponsors. FMA will endeavour to strengthen the image and improve the marketability of Futsal in Malta.

Collaborate with MFA Member Clubs
The Association has the responsibility to promote the sport of Futsal as a ‘complementary’ sport and not to compete against Football. In this respect, the strategy being adopted by FMA is one which seeks improve ties and collaboration with the local established Football Member Clubs. Apart from building upon established club structures, this has a wide variety of advantages, reaching a large number of amateur and professional football players who have been up to now ‘barred’ from playing Futsal, whilst providing the opportunity to develop the sport in conjunction with the nursery and youth sectors of the existing member clubs.

Motivate more players to play Futsal
FMA’s long term vision is to introduce Futsal at grassroots level, where it has been proven that Futsal can be most beneficial, given the proven advantages of Futsal in achieving better ball control skills, quick thinking, passing ability, concentration, dribbling, and balance. In this respect FMA will also be working closely with KMS and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport in the development of Futsal Festivals and Workshops.

Provide better opportunities for players, coaches, referees and administrators
FMA will seek strong relations with all stakeholders in the game and provide a framework for training, competition opportunities, courses, seminars, work groups etc.

FMA can be contacted through the General Secretary, Mr. Alex Falzon, on alexfalzonfma@gmail.com.