Gharghur Coach Handed Down A Suspension Of Two Years

The FMA Disciplinary Board held on Thursday 21st March 2013, after due and careful consideration, decided in accordance with Article 4 I (b) (i) of the FMA Disciplinary Procedures and Sanctions, found Gharghur Coach guilty of having used physical or moral violence against the Referee of the Match against St. Patrick’s held on 21st February 2013 and sanctioned in terms of Article I (c) (d) to a fine of 200 euros. Furthermore, in accordance with Article 12 A (1) (a) (i) of the FMA Disciplinary Procedures and Sanctions, hereby found the Gharghur coach guilty of having used a part of his body to strike an official and therefore was suspended for a period of two years as stipulated in Article 12 A (1) (a) (i).