FMA, MFA & SPU collaborating in the organisation of Futsal Festivals for kids

Futsal Malta Association will be actively participating in the organisation of the annual Futsal Festival to be held at the Cottonera Pavilion for school children at primary and secondary level.  The festival is be co-ordinated by the Sports Promotion Unit of the Education Division, the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport in collaboration with the MFA and always draws a lot of interest from the youngsters.

FMA President Mark Borg, together with Vice President Alfred Camilleri, are currently discussing with Ms. Maria Mifsud (Deputy General Secretary Grassroots, Youth Development & Education at MFA) about FMA’s role in promoting the sport of futsal.  The introduction of futsal in the Development Programme of a good Football Nurseries has been welcomed by FMA.  Mark Borg stated that FMA’s commitment towards extending the game of futsal, especially with the lower age-groups, will continue to be the driving force behind the association’s philosophy.