Just a few hours away from the first kick off the Elite Semi Final Playoff, this site managed to make contact with Everton Da Silva Santos from Hamrun Tre Angeli, Valletta’s Xavier Saliba, Swieqi’s Boicho Marev and Luxol’s Celino Alves:

“I hope that the coming matches will be entertaining and increase the development of futsal in Malta, without any unnecessary injuries. I also would like to thank FMA and ask all futsal lovers to come over to the Corradino Pavillion and follow these important matches. I would like to extend my wishes to all players from Luxol, Swieqi and Valletta to play the game and respect each other. Before being futsal players we are all human beings after all.”
Everton Da Silva Santos – Hamrun Tre Angeli

“The playoffs are always exciting and when you have Valletta playing against Hamrun, it’s always a thrilling and balanced encounter. Regarding the Elite Semi Final Playoffs, we are all aware that the first leg is always a delicate one. We are preparing for it very well, keeping in mind that these coming matches are difficult and we need to be 100% concentrated till the final whistle of the second game. Our team is potentially able to make it to the final but we still need to be prepared for the eventuality of any result.”
Xavier Saliba – Valletta FC

“First of all I would like to thank all the Swieqi United Club, both the 11 a side and futsal commitee members for the professional attitude and for their belief in the futsal team. This was a very successful year for our futsal team as we reached the club’s objectives, which means the Elite Round and participating in the playoffs. We trained hard a lot, we were disciplined and we rised up every year.
About the playoffs, it will be a great experience for all players and we need to give everything, especially against Luxol which are two difficult matches. Our opponent is a strong team with players who are used to play together for some years now. On the other hand Swieqi brought eight or even nine new players who needed time to settle in. In the meantime I believe in Swieqi United because this team has a future, passion and ambition to continue succeeding.”
Boicho Marev – Swieqi United

“Finally the best part of the season has come. We are used to work hard and prepare for these kind of matches. I believe that we are on the good track for the coming Elite Semi Finals Playoffs. We have a lot of respect to Swieqi because they did a very good season. Definitely our matches against Swieqi are not easy and we need to be focused.”
Celino Alves – Luxol St. Andrews