Cordial meeting with MFA’s General Secretary Bjorn Vassallo

A cordial meeting between MFA’s General Secretary Bjorn Vassallo and futsal stakeholders led by the FMA’s executive committee took place at the Corradino Sport Pavillion on Monday evening.

The aim of this meeting was to improve the collaboration between FMA as a member association and the parent association MFA.

FMA’s President Mark Borg opened this meeting with a presentation showing the importance of futsal in the overall National Football Strategy. Whilst highlighting the goals attained by FMA in the past three years, in the organisation of national competitions, he also indicated the need for a long term strategy. Borg emphasized that this can only be attained with MFA’s assistance and endorsement. The role of the National Team was also discussed.

On the other hand, MFA’s General Secretary Bjorn Vassallo showed his appreciation and praised all the efforts done by FMA and all the futsal stakeholders. He confirmed that during the first two terms of the MFA new Administration, futsal has clearly not been a priority. He stated that nevertheless, it was a wise move to hand over the responsibility of the management and running of the national competitions to FMA. Notwithstanding this, he acknowledged that with the current level of futsal quality attained by the clubs, FMA was now looking at expanding its vision.  Amongst the priorities for the next term of administration, Mr. Vassallo hinted that MFA should assist FMA in having its own facilities and possibly also be given the responsibility to administer the National Team assisted by an appropriate budget.  The management of UEFA competitions related to futsal, including all related finances would also be directed to FMA.

Mr. Vassallo also agreed with FMA President that grassroots should also be prioritised. The inclusion of a School Promotion Programme, Coach Education Programme and setting up of an official FMA Academy are common targets in which MFA and FMA can work in synergy.

Finally, it was agreed that FMA will be drafting a proposal for a Development Plan to be discussed at MFA Executive level later on this year.