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Pembroke Athleta: Keeping High

Formerly this team was Balzan Futsal where we started from 3rd division 4 years ago and lost the promotion on a decider against Hibernians Futsal (players that played with Hibernians included Mario Muscat, Andrew Cohen, Bjorn Kristensen, Ndubisi Chukunyere, etc.) and a week later we lost against the same team the final of the knockout.  However the following year we never looked back and won the promotion and the knockout.

But last year Balzan took over Bidnija futsal and our team had to find an alternative way.

Therefore we joined Pembroke and won the 2nd division league unbeaten and obtained good results in the knockout where we eliminated premier division teams like Sliema.  But we got eliminated in the quarter final.

This year we are playing in the premier division which is tough for us but we are aiming to maintain our position in this high division.

Fgura Futsal Club: The Stars are still shining!

In our next encounter with the Futsal Clubs participating in the local competitions today we meet Fgura FC who are participating in the FXDD First Division league.

We talked to George Magro, the Head Coach of Fgura FC and briefed us with some interesting  points about this team. They have been competing in the local futsal competitions for the past five years. Originally it was called Charline Stars with the name deriving from the coach’s daughter Charline. In fact Charline Magro is also the team’s kit manager as well as an avid supporter of Fgura FC.

After two years Charline Stars have amalgamated with Fgura FC after the reforms adopted by the FMA. Magro wished to thank Fgura United FC for their immediate interest in this project. He praised this club as they help them a lot in their everyday needs.

The main objectives of Fgura FC are clear: gain more experience as a team and succeed.

Fgura United Futsal squad for this season 2013/2014:

Goalkeepers: Willi Mustafa Moussa, Kevin Camilleri, Carl Saliba.

Players: Tano Magro, Jeremy Cutajar, Godfrey Cutajar, Justin Lauro, Charles Vella, Adrian Vella, Wayne Hamer, Kirston Muscat, Denzel Saliba Hales, Noel Portelli, Jason Cauci, Paul Munro, Daniel Mifsud, Claude Camilleri, Julian Buhagiar.

Head Coach: George Magro.

Team Manager: George Magro

Kit Manager: Charline Magro

Club Official Secretary: Stefan Vella

President: Lawrence Bugeja


Birzebbuga St.Peter’s FC – enhancing club status!!!

As the Premier Division is about to start, today we’ll have a look at one of the new promoted teams to the highest local futsal division.
Way back in the beginning of 2011, the idea of amateur futsal teams to be amalgamated with a local club affiliated with MFA was being spread in public. The hard work committee of Birzebbuga St.Peter’s Fc decided to initiate a new project which will enhance the club structure and the reputation of the club in general, as nowadays futsal has become part of life especially with amateur players. Neville Farrugia Cann was handled the task by the committee to coach the team in its opening season. Its objective was to give former club players a chance to learn the game as well to generate an interest with the public of Birzebbuga.
Fortunately till this day the futsal team kept the signature of former senior team players Noel Tabone, Clive Formosa and Matthew Axiaq. Other youth players who came from the ranks of Birzebbuga joined the squad with the likes of Andrea Cutajar, Glen Farrugia and Aaron Dalli. We can say that in our squad we have a combustion of old and youth players, which it will bring determination to succeed.
After participating in the futsal league in the last two seasons, the club managed to clinch the third division championship in 2012 and gaining promotion to first division in 2013 thanks to these players mentioned above and other dedicated players. This summer, the club was preparing to face an uphill task in the first division, however due to the omission of some clubs from the association, a new and a big challenge arose in the premier division. We are going to try our best but this adventure will help us to enhance our futsal knowledge and trying to salvage our status in the highest division of the association.
Birzebbuga Squad for this coming season:
Goalkeepers – Glen Farrugia
Victorio Ciantar
Players – Christian Barbara, Gabriel Farrugia, Randall Schembri, Matthew Axiaq, Andrea Cutajar, Aaron Dalli, Clive Formosa, Roderick Grech, Haitam Saghair, James Galea, Luke Baldacchino, Wayne Vella, Noel Tabone
Team Coach/ Club official – Brady Bugeja
Technical Director – Neville Farrugia Cann
Team Manager – Neil Portelli
Club president – Joseph Mangion
Club secretary – Anthony Azzopardi

Gzira United Futsal Club: Anything is Possible


We are going to take a look at another successful club participating in the FXDD First Division Futsal: Gzira United.

This team was founded in 2005, when a group of four friends; Richard Guillaumier, Simon Borg, Sonny Borg and Clive Mifsud,  who had enjoyed football since college,  started to discuss the proposal of forming a 5-a side competitive team to participate in the competitions organized by the  Malta Football Association. Immediately after another friend, Alfred Camilleri, who was very interested to help joined the group, and set up the first committee of five who were all eager and enthusiastic to start this new project.

Richard Guillaumier came out with the idea of calling the team ‘Gauchos’ while Simon Borg liked the idea of having ‘Sporting‘ included in the name, so the team’s name was decided upon: ‘ SPORTING GAUCHOS FUTSAL CLUB’.

In the season 2006/7 this new team starting participating in the local futsal tournament. From summer 2012 the Malta futsal league changed structure and due to this Clive Mifsud and Alfred Camilleri managed to agree with Mr Tyrone Demanuele of Gzira United Football Club to amalgamate both teams.

 So The Sporting Gauchos FC motto, ’It is why we play the game, anything is possible, anything can happen and we prove that every match’ still goes on.

One can log on to the team’s website through which one can get to know more about this team.











Zebbug Rangers Futsal Club: Unity and Courage

Zebbug Rangers will aim to extend their winning streak  after getting the maximum points in their first outing against Sirens.

Zebbug squad is made up of 18 players full of potential strength and experience. They are led by Steve Shead with their influential captain being Jamie Portelli.

Obviously their main objective remains that of placing themselves in the top positions of the first division. It will not be easy but unity and courage can be the main ingredients for a positive season.

This is Zebbug Rangers’ squad for season 2013/2014

Goalkeepers: Ivan Baldacchino, Waylin Abdilla and Steve Camilleri.

Players: Gorg Borg, Peter Cilia, Jamie Portelli (captain), Bernard Bonnici, Jonathan Xerri, Steve Mifsud, Alan Zammit,

Karsten Cilia, Patrick Bonnici, Matthew Agius, Dillon Bugeja

Head Coach: Steve Shead

Assistant Coach: Alan Zammit

Kit Manager: Jurgen Cauchi

Club Official: Ivan Baldacchino

Qrendi Futsal Club: We are Family

Formerly known as Aquila FC and even Aquila Marsascala, Qrendi FC performed well during last season as they won the Third Division league and even got promoted to the Second Division. They had a good striking force as Antonello Brincat and Gorg Falzon finished the division top scorers. They were strong enough to win all the second round matches in the Third Division.

This website met Michael Rogers,  who is Qrendi FC assistant coach. He believes in this squad and described it as ”a family”. In fact his brother is the team’s  head coach and club official Shawn Rogers while another player, Jonathan Rogers also form part of the group.

Their objective is simple: play football and have fun. Rogers thinks that with this mentality they  can even try to gain promotion for an upper division as well as challenging top teams.

This is Qrendi’s squad for this season:

Goalkeepers: Dwayne Grech, Fabrizio Gerada

Players: Shawn Rogers, Alan Spiteri, Gordon Zammit, Kevin Vella, Jonathan Rogers, Bertram Azzopardi, Antonello Brincat, Dirk Zammit, Gorg Falzon, Maxime Landais, Luke Zammit.

Head Coach: Shawn Rogers

Assistant Coach: Michael Rogers

Club Official: Shawn Rogers.

Kalkara Futsal: Building the Basis for a Strong Team

Today we take a look at the seventh team who is participating in the FXDD First Division Futsal league: Kalkara FC.
Kalkara Futsal was formed in June 2012 following the amalgamation with Xtreme F.C. The latter had been participating in the MFA futsal league for the past 7 years although the actual name of the team had changed a couple of times throughout the years. The initial objective of the team was to re-unite a group of friends that used to play 11-a-side football together. Over time various changes were made to the squad in order to become more organized and competitive.
Kalkara Futsal participated in the 3rd Division during last season. The first season proved to be very tough initially, whilst getting accustomed to indoor games however we ended the season joint 5th.
Following some re-structuring in the format for the 2013/2014 season, Kalkara will be participating in the 1st division during this season. No particular objectives have been set for this season. In fact, due to the league’s format changes they are reassessing their squad against their new opposition.
Despite all this Kalkara’s main aim is to give a strong challenge their opponents whilst building the basis for a strong team.
This is Kalkara’s squad for this season:
Stefano Lazze
Anthony Aquilina
Jason Cutajar
Garreth Fenech
Matthew Buttigieg
Keith Attard
Karl Muscat
Claudio Camilleri
Roderick Vella
Clayton Saliba
Brian Deguara
Andrew Cole
Robert Attard
Vaughan Barnes
Thomas Galea
Aaron Caruana
Duncan Bonello
Kevin Loughborough
Matthew Buttigieg
Keith Attard
Karl Muscat

Santa Lucia Futsal Club: Investing for the Future

This is the second time that St Lucia Futsal Club are participating in the local competitions. Their origins hail from San Benedittu Kirkop Boys’ Secondary School, where Mr Ruben Baldacchino, a teacher by profession and Mr Raymond Muscat as an assistant head, decided to lure Old Boys to form a Futsal team. The main objective was to keep students physically active in a sporting environment.

As usual the beginning was never going to be easy as they were considered as newcomers to this game. They were lucky enough to find the support of Sta Lucia FC who put faith in their youths.

Sta Lucia FC made their official debut in the Third Division last year and they managed to get important results especially in the second round.

Their aim is to improve standard and level of its team as well as integrate more youths in this fast game.

They are planning to have a Futsal nursery in the future so that they could lay a strong foundation within the club.

Presently the team is a mix of youngsters (Old Boys) and more experienced players (teachers and friends). Their main target is to improve on their past performance and give all opponents a good run for their money.

They will do their best to honour the colours of Sta Lucia FC.


This is Sta Lucia FC squad for this season:


Shaun Attard



 Justin Mifsud (Captain)

Matthew Psaila

Ryan Camilleri

Michael Zerafa

Josef Balzan

Owen Fiteni

Nicholas Abdilla

Mark Psaila

Jurgen Balzan

Daryl Muscat

Ryan Mifsud

Frans Farrugia

Luke Bugeja

Matthew Abela

 Futsal Committee Sta Lucia FC


Mr. Ray Muscat

Mr.Ruben Baldacchino

Msida Futsal Club: Courage and Determination

Msida St Joseph Futsal Club have been participating in the local scene for the past four years. In their first ever participation in the Fourth Division (Section B) they placed last in the standings.

Despite this placing, the team didn’t lose hope and worked hard so that they could bounce back to gain a better classification. In fact during the season 2011/2012, Msida gained access to the promotion pool. Unfortunately they were denied this promotion after losing a protest.

Last season was a wind of change for Msida St Joseph. Some players with a certain degree of experience in futsal were chosen and they placed fifth in the Second Division.

This season the board has decided to keep the team’s skeleton and add some new signings to strengthen the group. The board also appointed a qualified coach that knows very well the futsal game.  Given that more than half of the players are new, the objective of Msida St Joseph is to offer  a challenge to all their opponents and gain consistency in their play.

According to their coach, Nikola Farrugia the team wants to set a good basis for the future to get stronger year after year.

All the Msida clan are hopeful that they can reach these goals especially if they show courage and determination in their mission.

This is Msida’s squad for this season:


Etienne Ellul

Daniel Galea

Alan Muscat



Darren Attard

Emmton Cassar

Kevin Agius

Jaymee Galea

Eugenio Milano



Chris Attard

Jonathan Brincat

Thomas Consoli

Paul Cumbo

Peter Degabriele

Matthew Dingli

Joel Felice

Adrian Galea

Lee Galea

James Psaila

Dexter Vassallo



Aaron Calafato

Julian Grima

Kareem Shawish

Chris Cutajar

Coach: Nikola Farruġia

Team Manager: Jason Bonello

Secretary: Kevin Agius

Treasurer: Ian Micallef

President: Michael Pace


For more information about Msida St Joseph Futsal Club log on to :

Valletta Futsal Club: Working Hard to achieve Success

Valletta started participating in the local futsal league last year where they competed in the Premier Division. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all as they were relegated to First Division.

Xavier Saliba, who last year won the Premier Championship with Hibernians and the First Division league as a coach with San Gwann is the new mentor at Valletta FC. He is known for his determination and courage and has a vast experience in this game.

We have contacted him and he gladly accepted to give us some comments about their main objectives for this season as a team.

He told us that during the summer recess he was contacted by Valletta’s club officials and he relished this challenge. In fact he has accepted immediately and made it clear that he wants a competitive team for this season.

During his first few days with Valletta Futsal Club, he found out that certain players didn’t know exactly some fundamentals in futsal. Therefore he had to pull up his socks and use his vast experience to teach them the main tactics in futsal.

Xavier Saliba himself was under the guidance of various coaches and had a special praise for Kevin Mifsud who learnt a lot from him.

Saliba confirmed his intention of gaining promotion to the Premier Division because Valletta FC have always been a successful club in football and wants to transmit the same equation in futsal. He believes that if they work hard they will achieve their goal.

This is the Valletta squad for this season:

Goalkeepers: Ivan Cassar, Neil Cuschieri, Clayton Meli.

Players: Renald Formston, Mark Mizzi, Dassier Borg, Neil Chircop, Aaron Camilleri, Clayton Felice, Charlton Scicluna, Christopher Cuschieri, Gilbert Hill, Andy Blundell, Clint Wells, Paul Zammit, Baldassare Borg, Rene Sciberras.