A Closer Look at….Thomas Consoli (Mqabba FC)

Name: Thomas Consoli

Born on the 8th August 1987 (27 years)

Works as an Engineer

Hobbies: Gaming, Football.

Personal Motto: Respect All, Fear None

How did you start playing futsal?

About a year and a half ago, two friends of mine, Aaron Calafato and Jonathan Brincat, approached me to go for a trial with Msida Futsal Club. At that time I only used to play 5-aside matches with friends however I decided to go for the trial and it went well.

What does this sport mean to you?

This sport gave me the opportunity to start playing again competitively after having stopped playing football. It is an important part of my life because it allows me to get rid of work-related stress and  focus on something that I love doing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this sport…

The smaller pitch requires players to have quick thinking and very good ball control. It allows players to touch the ball much more frequently than in 11-aside football and can therefore be more entertaining.

For certain aspects it is much more difficult because it requires constant concentration and you can’t switch off for a second.

Talk about the teams you have played with…

I used to play 11-aside football with Pieta Hotspurs and stopped at the age of 19. Last season I started playing futsal with Msida – where I started learning about the game and met many good friends.

This season I have joined Mqabba and I hope that as a team we will be able to give a tough match to every opponent and continue improving our level of futsal game after game.

Your best moment so far…

I am relatively new to futsal and I am sure that my best moments are yet to come. However, the best moment so far was when last year we managed to defeat Qrendi who at the time were leading the Division 1 league table. It was a very good personal and collective performance.

Objectives you wish to accomplish…

I hope to continue getting used to the tactical aspects of the game and manage to express my technical abilities. Most of all, I hope to continue enjoying playing this sport and to improve game after game together with my team mates.

Thomas Consoli (standing third from left) with Mqabba FC