A Closer Look at…Stephen Mifsud (coach – Zebbug Rangers FC)

Name: Stephen Mifsud
Born on November 11th 1981
Place of Birth: Pieta’
Works as a Deliveryman.
Personal Motto: Live and let live.
I have been involved in futsal… for the last five years.
Futsal is… my main hobby. I give a large proportion of my free time  to futsal but it gives me a lot of satisfaction in return.
Mifsud while giving his instructions to his players
Photo: Mark Soler
Futsal involves… a lot of dedication, preparation and a communication with the players.
Zebbug Rangers FC is… a group of friends who are united together.
This year I am… not satisfied because we lost our place in the Premier Division.
My greatest moment was… last year when we got promoted to the Premier Division.
My main objective is… to win the First Division league and get back to the top division.
Zebbug Rangers FC.
Photo: Joe Borg.