A Closer Look at…Shawn Rogers (Player/coach – Qrendi FC)

Name: Shawn Rogers

Born on September 26th 1972.

Place of Birth: Qormi

Works as an Office Clerk.

Personal Motto: T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More…and be positive.

I have been involved in futsal for… 6 years.

Futsal is…a high-tempo, quick-thinking but at the same time, an entertaining game, where technical skills and ability are required. From a coaching perspective, futsal offers you a selection of tactical strategies that can be used during the course of the game.

Being part of a committee of a futsal club… involves a lot of time, hard work and most of all commitment.

Qrendi Futsal Club is… a fantastic group of great friends that love the game but most of all willing to play as a team and this fact helps us to grow more in our motivation.







This year… I can’t really say that I’m that much satisfied with our team’s performance, when you consider what we’ve achieved in our last two seasons. But on the other hand, with the acquisitions that we made in the second half of the season and hopefully with the addition of more players, I believe that next season we will be better than this year .

My main objective is….to continue working hard and try to improve more our style of play, as this can help us more to achieve positive results.