A Closer Look at…Shawn Rogers (Coach Qrendi FC)

Name: Shawn Rogers

Born on 26th September 1972.

Age: 41 years old.

Player/Coach with Qrendi FC

I have been training futsal… for the last 5 years.

Why Futsal? Before I used to play and organize 5-a-side tournaments. But I wanted something more challenging, more competitive but still exciting! That’s why I have chosen futsal!

Futsal is…an exciting, fast-paced game where technical skills and ability are needed especially in high pressure situations.

I am… satisfied with my team’s performance till now. I’m surrounded by a fantastic group and this fact helps us to grow in our motivation, style of play and performance.

We need to…improve more. There’s always room for improvement.

My personal objective is…more than my personal objective, it’s our objective as a team. We would like to continue what we’ve started; keep  working hard and try to achieve more positive results. As for my personal objective, there’s only one. I’d like to see myself still leading this magnificent team and progress in all competitions in the years to come