A Closer Look at…Shaun Attard (Sta Lucia)

Name: Shaun Attard

Born on the 25th August 1994 (19 years old)

Lives in Qormi.

Work as a waiter in a leading hotel in Malta

His personal motto is…NEVER GIVE UP

How long have you been playing futsal?

I have been playing this beautiful sport for the last twelve months.

How did you begin?

I was always fascinated by this game. I remember that Sta Lucia needed another player to complete the squad. I was interested to have a try and join this club. I didn’t regret this decision.

Your opinion about the game.

Well, I think that futsal is a fast game. You need lots of tactics and techniques to succeed. Most of all you need to be physically and mentally there to follow the tempo of the game.

Any successes so far?

Well I’m still new in this game so my personal success for now is that I’m playing futsal. But never say never, I’m still young and I’m determined to achieve success in the future ahead.

How are you feeling with Santa Lucia?

I am very happy with Santa Lucia. We play as a team and try to work for each other because we believe in the collective effort.

Are you satisfied with your season so far?

I am very satisfied with what we’ve achieved so far. We’re always trying to improve game after game.

Your personal dream.

I would like to play in the Premier Division and eventually play for the national team.