A Closer Look at….Randall Vella (Mdina Knights FC)

 Name: Randall Vella

 Date of Birth: 16/7/1992 (22 years old)

Place of Birth: Cospicua

 Works in the Motor Claims Dept in an insurance company.

 His personal motto is: Life is all about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

How did you begin to play futsal?

I started to play Futsal, thanks to my friend Jurgen Damato, who is also the team manager of our futsal team. I was recovering from my ACL injury, and thus I was struggling with confidence. I couldn’t join the team before since I didn’t want to rush my recovery.

Eventually I was chosen with Mdina after making it in the trials.

Describe futsal in three words.

Fun, Passion and Teamwork

At Mdina Knights the team resembles a great family. Talk about this fact.

Yes it is. And it doesn’t depend on the results we get. In fact it was this way from day one I joined the team, when we were struggling at the bottom places of the first division. We are more or less of the same age, and we also frequent the same places through out the week, which helps a lot.

The supporters are also behind you in key matches as well…

Yes they are always behind us through thick and thin. They are our sixth man in the court, and they drive us to make that extra effort, even when things are not coming our way. It always gives us that extra edge over our opponent.

Your greatest moment so far in futsal…

I must say that all matches had some particular moments to remember. However, beating title contenders Mellieha was the highest point of this season. I must also point out that with yesterday’s win against Sirens we ensured a top half finish in our first year!








The advantages and disadvantages of this game.

Advantages – it improves your technical abilities and confidence with the ball!

Disadvantages – over confidence could be a disadvantage as well !

Your objectives for the future.

My objective is to end this season in a positive way and start building up for something bigger next year. Also, every player’s dream is that one day represent his country with his national team.