A Closer Look at….Pierre Vella (Coach Qormi FC)

Pierre Vella

Date of Birth: 15/12/1971

Age: 42 years

His motto is Hard Work Pays Off

I played futsal for…6 years.

I have been coaching futsal…for the last two seasons.

Why Futsal? Because it is a very  challenging, fast and  tactical game where you’re never certain of the result before the final whistle.

I try to… transmit what I’ve learnt to my players. It has been part of my life for these last years.

It’s a pity…seeing so many teams stopping from this wonderful game. Unfortunately it is not easy to run a futsal team nowadays.

Futsal is..a game where as a player you learn a lot of  skills especially to  think faster and play with both feet. It should not be a game for players who are about to  retire but for developing  a player; a stepping stone before going into an 11 a-side senior team. Unfortunately some local clubs do not share this view.

I am…satisfied with my team’s performance till now. Obviously I think that we could have done better. My team could have easily played out for the fourth place but a series of injuries and players quitting in mid-season made our task quite difficult. At least we have managed to achieve our objective to finish among the top 8 of the table.

We need to..work harder as a team to achieve better results. Hard training pays off, if  don’t  you work hard, you can never gain results. This has always been my motto both as a player and now as a coach.

My personal objective is…to improve and gain more experience as a coach. Hopefully I would like to see more competitive teams participating in futsal so that there would be a much balanced league. This is not an easy task as not all clubs have the same resources.

Coach Pierre Vella (left) with Qormi players

Pierre Vella, all the staff and players before a futsal match