A Closer Look at…Nikola Farrugia (Coach Mqabba FC)

Name: Nikola Farrugia

Born on the 27th October 1987

Age: 27 years old

Works as a Teacher.

Coach with Mqabba FC

I have been training futsal..for the last two years. On the other hand,  this is my first year acting as a qualified futsal coach.

Why Futsal? Because it is an exciting game. Now that I am a qualified coach I can look at this wonderful game with a better insight.

Futsal is…a stepping stone that helps players to improve their football skills. In my opinion, football and futsal can be closely related together.

I am.. satisfied with my team’s performance till now. It can be better because our players work hard to achieve good results. Therefore, I would like my team to improve its performance on the pitch.

We need to.. work harder to achieve more positive results because our team is capable to produce more. However the position in the table doesn’t reflect this.

My personal objective is..to continue learning more about this wonderful game and to establish myself as a futsal coach.