A Closer Look at…Miguel Alcaraz (Mqabba Futsal)

Name: Miguel Alcaraz
Born on July 28th 1986
Place of birth: Chinchilla (Albacete) in Spain.
Hobbies: Travelling and watching TV series.
Favourite Singer: Extremoduro.
Personal Motto: Great work are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

How did you begin to play futsal?
I started playing futsal since I was five years old. I soon realized that I really liked the emotions of the competition and being involved in team effort.

Talk about the teams that you have played with so far.
On my first year in Malta I didn´t manage to play futsal since I came with the season already in progress. The second season I played with Hamrun and we completed a great season. Then, I moved to Attard where we qualified for the First Division play-offs and got really close to achieve our goal. This year, I´m with Mqabba, where the best is yet to come.

Your experience in Malta.
I came here four years ago in order to learn English for a few weeks. During that time I discovered the amazing hidden places that Malta has to offer and I decided to apply for a job. Luckily I got one and here I am enjoying my life in this beautiful island.

Your experience with Mqabba.
Mqabba is a modest club which only keeps going because of the hard work of the committee and coach. At the start of the season we were a squad of players who were coming from different clubs (Mqabba, Attard, Naxxar). We needed some time to gel together and now we are ready for the second round.

Last week you have achieved a great result in the Gatorade KO against Swieqi.
Yes, true. Results are finally coming. We needed a great game for our moral, we fought for it and we got it. Now, playing the knock-out semifinal is already a gift for the squad, coach and committee.

Your main objective in this game.
As an amateur player, my only targets are to enjoy playing and help my teammates to achieve good results. This is the first season in which I don´t have to work in the evenings so I can train properly and I hope that this will show up in the pitch. I´m really lucky to have played with these teams and to have met a lot of good people.