A Closer Look at… Matthew Bohm (Coach Zabbar St Patrick)

Name: Matthew Bohm

Born on 25th October 1990

Age: 23 years

Coach with Zabbar St Patrick.

I have been training futsal… for the last 3 years.

Why Futsal? Because it’s a challenging sport.

Futsal is… a very nice sport where you can improve your skills and learn to move rapidly with the ball.

I am… very satisfied with my team’s performance till now because we have reached our objective to finish the league in the championship pool.

We need to…continue improving even more so that we could achieve a higher level.

My personal objective is..to try to win as many games as possible in the championship pool

Matthew Bohm (right) discussing some tactical strategies with his brother Clint (middle) and Stuart Diacono (left)