A Closer Look at….Matteo Desira Buttigieg (Luxol FC)

Name: Matteo Desira Buttigieg

Date of Birth :  7th August 1993 (21 years old)

Hobbies :   Anything related to football, besides competitive games I also enjoy  5 a side games with my friends (especially Team Gol ) and to travel.

Place of Work :  I coach football at Luxol Sports Club and also teach Sports Activities in Government Schools.

Personal motto: ‘You have got to believe if you want to succeed ‘

Tell us something about you

I am a 21 years old and I can describe myself as a happy go lucky person, always cheerful with a positive view on life. I like to joke around however when it’s time to get serious I am focused and I always deliver.

I believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and never give up on my dreams.

Family and good friends are important in my life.

Why did you choose Futsal?

It all started when last year the Luxol Futsal President approached me after having seen me playing in a 5 a-side tournament and numerous 11 a-side football games with Luxol. I decided to go and have a try. I really enjoyed this fast, intensive and flowing game.  I am really enjoying this experience with Luxol FC.

After being chosen by the national coach, Mark Marlow and played in the Malta International Futsal Tournament my passion for futsal has increased tremendously.

Matteo Desira Buttigieg (no 11) before Malta vs Serbia









What is the difference between futsal and football in your opinion?

Futsal uses a smaller and heavier ball that puts a greater demand on the technical ability of a soccer player. Futsal is also played on a smaller field that puts players under constant defensive pressure when in possession of the ball. The heavier Futsal ball builds the confidence of a player by sticking to the foot in tight areas. The small field and heavy ball take away the ability for physically stronger players to succeed with a kick and run style, and develop smarter players who can make good decisions under pressure.

Last Monday you scored the most important goal for Malta. Tell us your feelings afterwards.

It was amazing and emotional experience.  I was so proud to form part of this great squad and a personal satisfaction towards the coaches who believed in me and gave me this great opportunity to prove myself.

Matteo Desira Buttigieg scoring Malta’s decisive goal against Gibraltar










Tell us something about Luxol and your objectives for this year.

Luxol Futsal Team are one of the top teams in the Premier Division with an experienced strong squad and being the youngest player I can always learn more.

Our objectives this year is to win the Championship!


Your personal objectives

To improve myself, maintain my scoring rate and keep my place in the Malta National Team.