A Closer Look at…Mario Vella (President – Balzan FC)

Name: Mario Vella.

Born on January 13th 1960.

Lives in Bidnija.

Director for a building contractors and developers company.

Personal Motto: “To achieve your goals in life you have to focus on what you need to achieve and not looking what others do .”

 I have been involved in Futsal for... 8 years.

Futsal is…part of my life .

Futsal requires…dedication, commitment , trust and discipline.   I firmly believe that one needs to work hard to achieve one’s goals without putting too much confidence.  Intelligence, dedication and motivation are good ingredients that if mixed together can create one team.

Balzan Futsal  Club is… a big family. I can say that we won all the major trophies and built a strong team even when we competed positively  in the UEFA Futsal Cup.

This season is… very different from other seasons as we had to fix the team in a very tight period. Despite all this I am satisfied and hopeful as the team is shaping up for the play-off finals.

My main objective is… to help and  encourage my players to challenge for all the main trophies at stake. I would also like to continue improving my team. Moreover I wish to give my part to improve the local futsal.