A Closer Look at… Mario Camilleri (President – Lija Athletic Futsal)

Name: Mario Camilleri
Born on March 11th 1970
Director of three companies.
Personal Motto: Try your utmost and accept reality with a challenge.

Describe yourself in a few words.
I am an organized person with a professional mentality and determined to achieve goals.
What brought you to futsal?
Edward Bartolo is a very convincing person I must say, he kept insisting until he managed to ensure that the team he truly loves keeps marching on!
What do you think about this game?
I fell in love with futsal because it is a fast non stop action sport and requires stamina and skills.
How are you finding the atmosphere at Lija Ath?
As soon as I became President I started doing the changes to build a club not for one season but with a long term plan.12191963_490280977816909_9145065021382056637_n
Are you satisfied with what the team has done so far?
As months go by whilst the season is progressing with hard work and professional training our team is getting better and better.
You brought two new acquisitions that have strengthened this team…

We are always looking to keep on building a strong squad and the two new foreigners will surely put on a challenge within the team so that no one thinks he has an easy place in the team and thus training hard keeps the squad at a high level.886870_1208834492465743_6239586225449770594_o
What are your future ambitions?
Our ambitions are to be part of the top elites and become a self-sufficient club with hope to win silverware in the near future