A Closer Look at….Marian Gologan (Msida St Joseph)

Name: Marian Gologan

Born on 5th November 1990 (24 years old)

Place of Birth: Braila (Romania)

Works as a cook in a local hotel.

His personal motto is NEVER GIVE UP

How did you start playing futsal?

I didn’t play so much futsal during my childhood. I used to participate in some futsal activities when I was 16 years old at school. In Romania this sport is not so popular so when I was given the opportunity by our president, Mike Pace to play in Malta, I grabbed this occasion immediately.

Why did you choose this sport?

I chose futsal because it’s a different and exciting sport that keeps you involved all the time.

Tell me one exciting factor of playing futsal.

Rather than having only one factor, I can mention two factors that I really like about futsal. I like the fact that the ball doesn’t bounce so much and the size of the pitch really suits my style of play.

Talk about your experience with Msida.

My experience with Msida is magnificent. I like the environment, my team mates and most of all our president Mike Pace whom I consider as my second father. He gives us a lot of support and makes us feel at ease in the club.

Your personal objectives for the future.

I want to continue improving my skills, enjoy being part of this team and keep playing football and futsal as an amateur.

Marian Gologan (centre) together with Msida president Mike Pace and foreigners Kristonijevic and Milicic