A Closer Look at….Justin Muscat (Luqa St Andrews)

Name: Justin Muscat.

Born on the 27th May 1990.

He is 23 years old.

Works as an IT System Support.

Hobbies: Playing Football and  Cars.

How did you begin playing futsal?

I began to play this fantastic game  about 3 seasons ago. I was contacted by Karl Micallef who had already seen me playing 11-a-side football with Valletta and Luqa St Andrews.

What are the  things you like most in this sport?

The thing that really fascinates  me is the tempo of  the game. It is very  quick, you have to possess a lot of skills and quick thinking. You have to act immediately or else you’ll find a player ready to take  the ball. Eventually these skills help you a lot in 11-a-side football.

And what about something strange  that you find in futsal?

Well something strange or maybe different from 11-a-side football is the distance. I  normally play as a winger in football and I use some  speed  to run on  the  right flank. In futsal,everything  is different,  the distance is shorter therefore you have to cross the pitch from one side to another.

Talk about the teams  you  have played so far.

In futsal I have been playing  with Luqa St Andrews for the  past three years.  As regards football, I have played with  Marsa, Valletta, Dingli and Luqa St Andrews.

How are you feeling with Luqa St Andrews?

I can  say that playing with Luqa St Andrews was a good choice indeed. I think that this current season we are improving even more in our level of play. There is unity and harmony in the squad  and this helps us to play better.

Without any doubt the goal that you scored against Melita is the highlight  of your career…

Yes, I  can still remember that goal! It’s difficult to forget it. We  were 4-0 down and we succeeded to make  an incredible comeback. And finally that goal that gave us the precious three points scored 1.1 seconds from the end. Incredible but  true!

What are  your objectives for the current  season?

Our objectives for  this season is to retain our status in the Premier Division. Personally I would like to improve  my futsal level and help my team to win  more matches.

Continue this  sentence: Justin Muscat would like to…

Play for the national team.

Justin Muscat scoring the winning goal against Melita 1.1 seconds from the end.