A Closer Look at…..Jamie Portelli

Jamie Portelli.

Born on the 22nd April 1989. (24 years old)

Plays  for Zebbug Rangers

Works in an insurance company.

He considers his friends as being part of his life.


How did you begin to play futsal?

I had been playing 11 a side football since I was six years old. I was dedicated and keen to succeed. I used to attend every single training session with my club. Things changed when I began to attend a university course in 2010 and it was impossible for me to attend regular training with the club due to the many commitments that I had. Therefore I had to choose between football and university. I chose the latter and I tried to focus more on my studies.

This happened until two of my best friends, Karsten and James convinced me to be part of a futsal team called Zebbugin FC. I didn’t think twice at this proposal and I accepted immediately. Today I really don’t regret this decision!

Describe your best moment in futsal so far.

Actually it happened two years ago when Żebbuġ were playing in Section Four of the National Futsal League. I can describe the year 2011 as the best one for our team. We succeeded to climb a step forward to another division and for me it was the highlight of my career in this sport.

Your best goal…..

A goal that I remember most happened recently when Żebbuġ played against Hibernians in the Knock Out Semifinal. We were 3-3 and the Paolites had a corner. Their goalkeeper went out of the semicircle and tried to shoot at our goalpost. I noticed all this immediately and took the ball from my opponent, until I lobbed the ball from the goalkeeper to score an amazing goal. At that particular moment I was overjoyed.

What are your objectives with Żebbuġ for this season?

I think that year after year we are improving our level of play. We can compete with everyone in the First Division league. My main objectives for this season are primarily to be promoted to Premier Division Futsal as well as win the Championship.

Jamie and his friends: a chain that never breaks. 

Exactly.I can consider myself lucky to be part of a futsal team that have been playing together since we were children. When we play we do so not only to win matches but primarily to have fun together as friends. We are one team also outside the pitch as we like to hang out together as a group in various activities that we organize.

The future of Jamie Portelli.

I’m still seeing myself surrounded with this fantastic group in the future. I can’t see myself without my friends that have influenced me so much in my life.Therefore I can predict a future filled with friends and acquaintances.