A Closer Look At … Jamie Abdilla (Gozo Futsal)


Name: Jamie Abdilla
Born on the 27th September 1993
Hometown: Senglea
He studies at the University of Malta while he works a part-time job in a bank.
Plays with Gozo Futsal

How did you begin to play futsal?
It all started when during last futsal season I watched a couple of futsal games, since some of my friends were playing. The high intensity and the skill involved were the major motives that inspired me, and hence, when I got the opportunity to join Gozo Futsal, I didn’t hesitate to accept.

Talk about the teams you have played with so far
I have only just started playing futsal this season. Therefore, the only team that I have played for so far is Gozo Futsal.

What do you like and dislike in futsal?
From my brief experience so far playing futsal, the aspects that I like most are that it is a really tactical and disciplined game where every player needs to be alert and always aware of the opposing players’ movements. Futsal helps you being always involved in the game. The thing that I dislike the most is the 4 second rule, since sometimes players do not even have time to spot a run or agree with their teammates regarding the set piece tactic that is going to be used.

What are your objectives as a team?
Our objectives as a team are to gradually keep improving and building on our two performances so far. Our aim is to provide a challenge to each and every squad, by respecting everyone but fearing no one. As newcomers to what is a highly competitive league, we are aware of the challenge on our hands. However, we believe that if we stick together, play to our strengths, and everyone gives a 100% while staying committed to the team, we will be able to achieve our objectives.

What are your personal objectives?
My personal objectives for this season are to gain experience playing in futsal. This is a totally new experience for me, and I hope that gradually as I get used to the surroundings, I will improve and will be able to provide consistent quality performances for the good of our Gozitan team.