A Closer Look at…Gilbert Amato Gauci (President – Mdina Knights FC)

Name: Gilli Amato Gauci

Born on February 20th 1988

Lives in San Gwann.

Tourism University Student.

Personal Motto: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I have been involved in futsal… since 2010 when I played for Chupitos United back then on outdoor pitches, then for 2 years with Mdina Knights. After one year without being involved in local futsal I was in charge to form a new UOM Futsal team and this task has been achieved.

Futsal is…fair play, determination and team work.

Being president of a futsal club entails… having the commitee, coaches & players compatible with each other. It even involves organizing events, seeking for new sponsors and promotion for social media. We are proud to have received a lot of likes regarding our league performance in just one season and a lot of interaction with the media such as interviews and TV programmes.

Mdina Knights Futsal Club is… a united team composed of university students which made it easier to bond and unite in order to produce a great performance on the court.

I am… very satisfied as we’ve achieved our first aim not to finish among the bottom three of the table.

My main objective is… to see both futsal and UOM Knights futsal team grow and raise more awareness to this sport I’m most passionate about.







Our supporters are… simply the best! They were just our sixth man on the court. They are always creative and colourful in their support.

The future of UoM Mdina Knights is… bright with the financial and moral support of Malta University Sports Club & Kunsill Studenti Universitarji