A Closer Look at…Gaetano Gesualdi (Mdina Knights)

Name: Gaetano Gesualdi.
Born on February 15th 1992.
Personal Motto: Enjoy Life!

How long have you been playing futsal?
It’s quite recent. In fact I’ve been playing futsal since January 2016.

What do you think about this sport?
I find futsal quite an enjoyable sport. It was a bit difficult to adjust at the beginning but now I am enjoying the fast pace of this game.

Your name is also synonymous with the local football scene.
Yes in fact I started this season with Tarxien Rainbows and then moved in the First Division with St Georges.

In my opinion, Mdina Knights is a particular squad with a lot of young players full of energy and determination…
We are quite a large squad and with many of us studying and working at the same time, futsal lets us take off a lot of stress.
At the same time I think that this team is ONE big group that has the goal to improve more and more.

A personal judgement on your performance so far.
On a personal level I think that I had quite a good half season. We may not have achieved the results that we wanted but our bond as a team has grown more and more.

What are your personal objectives?
My personal objectives are to finish my degree successfully and continue enjoying life as a student.