A closer look at … Gabriel Dobre (Balzan)

Gabriel Dobre.

Born on the  14th April 1980. (33 years old)

Player Coach with Balzan Futsal


How did you begin to play futsal?

I started to play futsal in Romania 12 years ago from the first selection in my country. I was playing 11 a side and after I chose futsal.

Your greatest moments in futsal so far.

Winning 4 championship in Romania and scoring an important goal for my national team in the last European Championship in Croatia.

What are your objectives for this season?

This season I am playing with a new team with high expectations. I like to be competitive and fight for all the goals in championship and cup. It will be a long and hard journey but I have a very good felling and I trust in my work and in my players together with the management of the team.