A Closer Look at…Gabriel Dobre (Player/Coach Balzan)

Name: Gabriel Dobre

Age: 33 years

Date of Birth: 14/4/1980

Position: Defender

Country: Romania

Player/Coach with Balzan FC

I have been training futsal……. for the last 11 years.

Why Futsal? Because it’s a challenging sport that tests your intelligence and develops your personal techniques.

Futsal is…. not like 5 a side football. If you want to be on top you can’t play futsal like when you practise a hobby. You have to work hard to achieve results.

I’m very proud with my team’s performance till now because….. the players started to develop more  futsal skills and techniques. As a coach I had to begin from scratch but in a short time, the players understood my tactics.

We need to….keep working hard and learn more because we need to be in our top form for the play-offs.

My personal objective is…. also my team’s objective: to win everything this season.