A Closer Look at…Dexter O’Brien (Pembroke FC)

Dexter  O’Brien.

Born on the  14th September 1986. (27 years old)

Lives in Qormi.

Works in the AFM (Armed Forces of Malta)

Hobbies: Playstation and Football.

How did you begin to play futsal?

I  remember  that about  seven years ago a group of friends decided to  make up a team to compete for a futsal league. They asked me to join in and I accepted immediately.

What do you like  most in this sport?

Futsal is all about being continuously in action and there is a constant contact with the ball. You need to think and act very rapidly in a particular  action.

Talk about the teams that you have played with so far.

I began playing in the fourth division with  DHL Arrows. During that particular period we succeeded to gain promotion to the third division. The following year we changed the name to Fact Futsal.

Later on I had  the opportunity to play in the first division with Pentagon. Unfortunately in January, the team was dismantled as there was a shortage of players.

My next team was Todos. It was a successful team because we got promoted for the first division. At the beginning of the last season Todos were amalgamated with Floriana FC. Even the latter team didn’t survive so now I am playing with Pembroke FC.

How are you feeling with  Pembroke FC?

Well I can say many positive things about  Pembroke FC. I would like to thank my actual coach who gave me the opportunity to join this fantastic futsal family. In fact WE ARE FAMILY,  as everyone encourages each other, there is unity, dedication and clear objectives from all players and staff.

Your greatest goal in futsal so far.

My greatest goal so far was against San Gwann. I scored directly from a freekick  and I was overwhelmed  with this goal. Eventually we won this match 6-1.

What are your objectives for this season?

As a team we would like to  finish in the first four places of the table and qualify  for the play-offs.

And what about your greatest  wish.

I would like to win the futsal Premier Division.

Dexter O’Brien in action with Floriana last season