A Closer Look at….Delyan Ivanov (Zurrieq Futsal Club)

Name: Delyan Ivanov

Born on the 7th July 1986 (27 years old) in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Plays as a goalkeeper with Zurrieq FC.

Works at a Furniture Company (Restoring Furniture).

Hobbies: Football, Table Tennis, Music, Hanging out with friends.


How did you begin to play futsal?

I’ve been playing futsal since the year 2007 . I used to play in second division football . Meanwhile a friend of mine called and proposed me to  join a local futsal team. To tell you the truth, I had never heard about futsal  before so I accepted the challenge and  agreed to join this club.

Talk about the futsal teams you have played with so far.

I played for three years with Capital Boys who then became Marsa FC after the FMA league reform. After this positive experience, I joined Zurrieq FC during this season and I’m satisfied with my performances so far.

Your best moment in Futsal.

Rather than having one best moment in this sport, I prefer to say that there were a lot of instance where I felt satisfied about what I did on the pitch. As an example, when you win a game you feel something special. Even when we lose, we stay together as a team and evaluate our mistakes so that we won’t repeat them.

Therefore I can say that the best moment is always when we stay united as a team no matter if we win or lose.

Being a goalkeeper means having to be always concentrated…

Being a goalkeeper is not an easy job as many people think.You have to show skills and abilities more than any other player because the goalkeeper is last barrier in front of the goal and mistakes are easily visible. You must always focus and have quick thinking when you’re involved in a particular action.

How are you feeling this year with Zurrieq Futsal Club?

As I have already said,  I am feeling very well with Zurrieq. My team-mates and staff praise me a lot and give all the necessary support so that I could feel at ease. I would like to thank them for their continuous backing.

What do you do before a Futsal match in order to be focused and concentrated?

Nothing special! I just think that I have to do my best no matter against whom we’ll playing. It’s always important to be calm and confident. Then everything comes naturally.

Your objectives for this season.

This season is hard as we are nearly at the bottom of the table. Luckily enough we’ve succeeded to win some precious points this season but we must try to do even better. 

Despite all this, I’m optimistic that we can improve our style of play and gain some vital points during this campaign.

Three adjectives to describe yourself.

Cordial, having a sense of humour and honest. (as a person)

Confident,unforgiving and winner. (as a player)

How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Well, usually I don’t like to look that far in time.  Let’s say that in ten years time I would like to be more serene ,wiser and calmer.  As a player maybe more experienced, more skills with few trophies in the showcase and maybe to start thinking about my retirement!


Delyan Ivanov in action with Zurrieq this season