A Closer Look at….David Peter Borg (Club Secretary – Valletta Futsal)


Who is David Peter Borg?
David Peter Borg is a hardworking, caring and a trustworthy person who always ready to help everyone. I’m 29 years old and I was born in Penrith – New South Wales – Australia.

What is your job with Valletta Futsal?
I’m the Club Secretary of Valletta FC Futsal Club since May 2016.

What do you think about the season so far?
The Season for us is quite good – we managed to win all 9 league matches from 9 and also a Knock-Out encounter against Tarxien. Unfortunately in November we lost the Super-Cup final against Luxol. But on the whole, we are performing quite well.

What is your opinion about the current futsal league?
My opinion regarding the current Futsal League is that in the near future I do hope for two divisions at least – Premier and First Division so that the teams can be evenly matched and hopefully the level of the game will rise up too and maybe we can gain more fans and players towards the Maltese Futsal in general.

You are the current league champions. This year you face a stiff competition from Luxol FC…
Well our target or club’s objectives is to reach the Final and be once again title Challengers. We know that Luxol have strengthened considerably their squad this season but we believe also that our players on form can match them quite well and give them a big challenge once again. If luck strikes on our side, you can never know what will happen. As they say – Not always the best team wins!

Finally, what are your personal objectives?
My personal objectives… Well to be honest I’m not a person which plans a lot about the future. I always try to be a simple person but ready when circumstances will occur. But my main objective is to do well at work, live the life the way I’m doing with friends, family and work colleagues, maybe have a girlfriend in the future who knows. I try to live day by day and see what happens and why not, try to travel more since I like visiting different countries.

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