A Closer Look at…Dassier Borg (President – Valletta FC)

Name: Dassier Borg.

Born on May 7th 1982.

Works as a Self-Employed.

Personal Motto: ” Always try to be a winner and be helpful to other people.”

I  have been involved in futsal for… 3 years (2 years as a player and 1 year as a  president)
Futsal is… part of my life
Being president is… a huge task and you have to spare and dedicate plenty of time to your club.
Our objective… was to book a place in the play-offs and we made it. It is my first season as a president and I am very happy with what we’ve achieved this year.
Valletta Futsal Club is… a great family.  That’s our main strength.
My main objective is… to gain respect from everyone and to win the league in the future.