A Closer Look at…Daniel Sant (Swieqi United FC)

Name: Daniel Sant
Born on August 6th 1994 in Pieta’
Favourite food: Pasta.
Motto – Whether you win or lose, each game has an outcome with a lesson, thus it is enhanced by experience.

You have recently begun to play futsal. What do you think about this game?
The game of Futsal, in my opinion is a very energetic and quick game. As I am coming from an 11 a-side background, you still need time to adapt to different rules, playing time and court. The best thing in futsal is that you are always involved, whether you are attacking or defending. You need to be good in both.

Describe yourself in three words.
Kind-hearted, Committed, Hard-worker

But exactly how did you begin to play futsal?
Last August, Timmy Gingell contacted me in order to join Swieqi FC. He gave me an overview about the club’s ambitions and objectives. After considering my options for the coming season, I contacted him back to start this new adventure, and honestly I can say that it has been a good decision joining Swieqi United.

Swieqi succeeded to place among the top 6 of the league. What is your objective now?
Now that we reached the Elite group, the objective is that we take experience from the following games. We learn from our mistakes as each game is against a very strong opponent, and we look forward to it.

Your personal ambitions in this sport.
My personal ambitions in Futsal are to keep training hard and learn from my coaches to reach higher targets.