A Closer Look at…Clayton Felice (Coach San Gwann)

Clayton Felice

Born on the 6th October 1987

Age: 26 years

He has been coaching San Gwann since December 2013

I have been training futsal… for the last 4 years.

Why Futsal? I always like playing a sport with a challenge. Futsal is one of them.

My memorable moment was…when I took over Ta’ Zwejt Boys in the 4th Division futsal league. It was a great success as we won the championship.

Futsal is…an exciting, fast-paced, small sided game. The nature of the game places great emphasis on technical skills and ability in situations of high pressure. It gives a chance to players who for some reason or another didn’t find space to play in 11 a side football.

I am… happy with my team’s performance this year. Despite all this, I know that we can do more than we have achieved till now.

My personal objective is to compete in the play-offs with the right mentality and courage to succeed.