A Closer Look at…Brandon Debono (Sliema Wanderers Futsal Club)

Name: Brandon Debono.
Born on July 30th 1994.
Place of Birth: Mqabba.
Works as a Deliveryman.
Favourite Group: U2
Favourite Dish: Spaghetti.
Personal Motto: Never give up and keep working hard.

How long have you been involved in this sport?
I have been practising this sport for the past four months.

How difficult is the role of the goalkeeper in futsal?
Actually the goalkeeper has to be always concentrated during all the match as he is involved continuously in a lot of saves. Statistically half of the shots at goal come from outside the arc. So one has to be on the alert.

How different is futsal from football?
The rules are different from football and the ball has a low bounce.

Sliema are passing from a bright patch and will now face Mqabba in the play-off semi-final. How difficult is the challenge for the championship?

It’s not going to be easy but we are adamant to keep our feet on the ground. We are working as a group and this is the key for success.

Sliema is also a mix of experienced and young players…

Yes it’s true. In fact I am the youngest player in the squad although it doesn’t make any difference. We all help each other and learn from one another. Unity is the key for success.

You have also scored your first goal in the league from a shot from the second penalty spot…
Yes I was very happy after scoring this goal from the second penalty spot. I would like to thank the team for giving me this golden opportunity.

Your personal objectives.
My personal objectives are to improve more in this sport. My greatest wish is to don the national team shirt.